Map App

My Ark Map App allows you to easily record locations in Ark. This page is for comments on the app.

Source code can be found here.

No longer being updated.

To-Do (No guarantees / timeline):

  • Map images for The Center
  • Password-protection of map editing
  • Default marker size for each layer
  • Deal with deletes better



The gps coords do not match on the map, for instance 23.7 73.9 should be on the beach but end up in the water even on satelite map (seem to be off by about 1.5 dist)

Turns out this is because the in-game map is inaccurate with regard to the latitude/longitude grid. I assumed it was correct. I should be able to rescale the satellite view to match reality with a bit of time spent checking gps coordinates in-game, but the two in-game maps have the incorrect grid baked onto them.

yea, figured it was something like that for the ingame map, but i was hoping satellite would be accurate. Using the 3 obelisk gps coords to determine the scaling needed would probably do the trick. right now you can see the obelisk on the satellite map, but the coord (assuming the coords set on the default map are accurate on the obelisks) dont match the visual location precisely.

Yeah, I'll verify the obelisk and/or some other landmarks by hand in single player to make sure they are accurate and scale the satellite map accordingly. I'll probably also scale the other two maps - if their printed grids are wrong, that is unfortunate, but you can always read the lat/long off the marker. I'll do this over the weekend at some point.

Sweet, thanks i love your map xD. I plan on using it to display my roads network once im done too. (thats why i noticed there was a bit of an offset)

I finally got around to doing this.

Fantastic map! I have used it extensively for my tribe. It is great as it is, but since you had the Feedback link up, I figured I'd share some things that I thought about while using it.

I'd love the option to have outlines for the different regions, like Southern Islets or Eastern Plains, as folks often refer to locations by those names.

It would also be cool to set a default font size for each layer.

Last thing is that drawn paths would be be very handy for defining travel paths, just a simple hand drawn line that can be labeled and described like a point.

In any case, great work!

Thanks for the feedback, good suggestions. I'll look into doing the region outlines and default font size. The drawn paths have been requested a couple of times, but would be a much larger project, so I may or may not add that in eventually.

Hey, very well work.
That map is the best one, current!

Can you maybe add some permissions, with a password? This will be perfect.
Something like this:

if(password == password){
} else {
#bruteforce protect

If you have a Git Repository, I can help you to implement that.

I'll look into adding some form of security feature.

I do not know if it is just me but the map is not saving points. When I refresh the page it will erase the points even when I am using the same URL. If may be saving but for some reason the points won't load. I have checked the cookie issue and I am allowing cookies from your site.

The points are saving, if they don't save they won't show up even before a refresh, and I think I see which map is your's in the logs.

Can you see the points on this map:

If not, it is probably an issue loading the points in your browser. What browser are you using?

I don't know what I was doing to cause the error. Today when I went to the same URL the points were loaded. I am using internet explorer. I can also see several points on the demomap.

Would it be possibles for changes to either trigger a page refresh for everyone (or refresh every x seconds option) to allow for multiple users to see each other changes without having to refresh everytime ?

offcourse ideally, having the changes propagate without a refresh would be best, but i figure a refresh every x seconds would be much simpler to implement.

I've given this some thought before, and as you say there is a tradeoff between elegance and development time. Also, I want to minimize requests to the server. But, an opt-in auto-refresh interval (for the data, not the page) is something I may look into at some point.

even a slow refresh like every minute would likely be more than sufficient, especially if its only the data (in which case it wouldnt mess up with in progress edit / creation). Right now im considering just using a browser plugin to auto refresh the whole page.

just a quick update. I am still using this map as it is my favorite among all the dynamic maps out there. Altho i do dream of a day when well get an automatic (refresh rate or not) update of the data so that multiple users can use it in parallel and get the updates.

a simple and bandwith / server efficient method, would be a check every minute of a "modification index" that youd increment every change. each client keep a copy of the last one they saw and only do a full refresh if its different. If the poll on said index was done every minute, the server toll from it should be negligible if not existent while remaining simple on the implementation.

Hi, a very usefull tip which you have offer to us, ty :)
I have make our tribe map with point and note, but i don't know how to see the notes i've added ?
See u

If you click on an existing point, the note should show up in the "Selected Marker" box that appears.

this map is great and you are doing fantastic work. Could you add the admin teleport coords to this as well? also do you have any plans of doing this for the Valhalla map?

Hey man, I love this Map. You did a great job on it. I noticed that you have a realtime option available on it and it made me think the only thing it is missing for real time is the ability to draw on the map. I think this would be an awesome addition to the map for coordinated warfare! Also it might be cool to add the ability to draw in different colors, incase the tribe has multiple groups doing different routes and so on.

Is there any chance we'll see a mobile-friendly version of this? Most of us are using our phones to reference and it'd be nice to easily add and view on our phones. Great job!

Any chance of an update to the satellite version of the base map? One that shows the swamp and snow biomes? has a candidate image.

Hi Bud. Would yo be so kind as to make me the map for the new Center Map?? We are using it on our server and would be great to use your app on this as well.

That would be awesome if you could make one for the center map

Yes, that will be very useful. Would greatly appreciate it.

Bump x Inf. Would love it. Also love your tame calculator.

Ok, you got a few quick +1's on this, so I'll look into it in the near future.