Rozen Maiden

On An Incomplete Doll

Since Overture expanded on her past, Suigin Tou has become one of the most complex, if not the most complex character in Rozen Maiden. The events are presented very well in Overture, however to fully appreciate the depth of her character you also have to consider the presentation of the characters in both the first season and Traumend, and also analyse characters beyond Suigin Tou and Shinku. That is what I intend to do here, character by character.

Rozen's Motivations

Rozen's motivations are the subject of some debate. Some believe that his apparently uncaring attitude is indicative of an unkind person. Specifically, the paired facts that he has left the dolls alone to suffer whatever befalls them, and on top of this told them to fight each other to the death. The basic idea which runs through all anti-Rozen ideas is that he created the dolls to search for some ideal which he was pursuing, not caring what happened to them in the process. This is based on the simplistic idea that the mere fact that he allows them to suffer at all makes him unkind, when the actual situation is more complex.

Rozen Maiden AMVs

A collection of Rozen Maiden AMVs I made, some of which can be found on youtube.